Dallas, Texas – When former head football coach of the Texas Longhorns football team Mack Brown entered the main presentation hall at the Think Realty National Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas, the room erupted in cheers. Brown, who is credited with revitalizing not one but two major college football programs, took the applause in stride. “I just want you to know that today [Saturday] is a pretty important day for me,” he joked. “I’m here with you, so that shows you how important education and networking should be to you as well!”

Brown kicked off the conference with a rousing speech in which he offered attendees firsthand insights into how he succeeded in business and as a football coach. He recommended keeping things simple: “If you can get three things to make you better today, then your life will be better with real estate,” he said. “Don’t try to get 10. Start with three.”

Brown recalled a conversation with football icon Joe Namath. “Real estate investors can learn a lot from that conversation as well,” Brown said. “I asked Joe once, ‘What is the most pressure you’ve ever felt at a sporting event in your life?’ He answered, ‘Pressure is something you feel when you don’t know what you’re doing.’ You can take this away from that answer: If you’re prepared, you don’t feel the same kind of pressure because you know what you are doing.”

Brown also made some practical recommendations for the day. A famed networker, the former coach emphasized how important it is to remember people’s names and use them in conversation. “Ask multiple times if you need to, but make sure you say it right and can remember it. It’s hard, but it’s really important,” he said. He also recommended investors be willing to ask direct questions. “Don’t be insecure if you are talking to a vendor, a sponsor, or a speaker and you don’t understand something. Simply say, ‘Please tell me what that means. How does that help me?’ Why would you waste your time and not get information while you are here today?”

Brown concluded, “Before you leave this room this morning and start your day, answer this question: Why are you here?” He went on, “When you leave tonight, be sure you can say ‘I got exactly what I wanted.’ Getting what you wanted is on you.”

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  • Carole VanSickle Ellis

    Carole VanSickle Ellis serves as the news editor and COO of Self-Directed Investor (SDI) Society, a membership organization dedicated to the needs of self-directed investors interested in alternative investment vehicles, including real estate. Learn more at SelfDirected.org or reach Carole directly by emailing Carole@selfdirected.org.

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