The right strategy and valuable content positions you as an industry expert and A credible community innovator.

You could become an influencer on social media.

No, not the kind of influencer who produces click-bait content, but rather the kind of influencer who thoughtfully shares ideas and expertise in real estate and stands out among the competition.

Becoming an industry thought leader requires you to build a following. Start your social media thought leadership campaign by offering your unique perspective to your target audience—but don’t stop there.

Think Like a Thought Leader

If you consider yourself an expert in the real estate or property management industries, then you likely already have what it takes to mount a social media thought leadership campaign.

Brainstorm what you’ll share on social media by considering ideas like:

  • Offering your take on articles in industry publications.
  • Writing stories about how you made a difference for a client.
  • Sharing anecdotes about how your firm has given back to the community.
  • Showcasing your side of an industry debate or outlining your take on the pros and cons.
  • Explaining the strategy or approach that differentiates you from your competitors.
  • Answering frequently asked questions about your industry or asking your customers to weigh in.

Find inspiration in trade journals, the material your competitors are sharing on social media, conferences and seminars, and customer reviews and feedback.

Thought Leadership Builds Credibility

Compared to other common marketing strategies, 60% of social media users find thought leadership posts more trustworthy, according to a study co-conducted by global communications firm Edelmanand LinkedIn.

On its face, thought leadership is much more than simply explaining why you’re different or how your services or properties uniquely benefit the consumer. Instead, you’re communicating to your followers your authority and expertise and increasing your credibility among other industry leaders and interested clients in your region.

Your social media posts, your agency’s website optimized for conversions, and other digital marketing tactics strengthen your credibility in your industry, elevating your clients’ trust and making them more willing to continue doing business with you.

Thought Leadership Creates a Community

Before you can begin drafting and posting on social media, you need to hone in on the channel your target audience is using. For real estate investment firms and property management groups, your channel of choice is likely LinkedIn, where you’ll connect with business-minded peers. For more traditional real estate agents, you may find more success on Facebook.

Consider four important tactics in thought leadership to build a following that functions like a community:

  1. Engage with others by responding to comments or questions on social media and encouraging your followers to respond to your posts or impromptu polls. Remember to always be professional.
  2. Think about what your community of followers needs and cater to it. Every piece of content you share should have a clear purpose: to educate, inspire, or entertain.
  3. Give respect to get respect. Ask for feedback from your followers. Be relatable.
  4. Give content for free. Share case studies, e-books, and relevant industry data. Providing accessible information builds trust within your community, allowing your followers to openly engage with you.

Thought Leadership Generates Leads

Once you’ve built your community and established your credibility, your industry peers or clients will take note. But social media followers don’t guarantee conversions. You can share valuable posts, but those don’t turn your followers into customers; in fact, social media alone isn’t a reliable source of conversions.

Bring thought leadership full circle by offering exclusive content. Ask followers to submit their email addresses to receive your e-newsletter or require an advance sign-up for the webinar you’re hosting. Your form might even ask them about their real estate investing goals so you can gauge whether you can provide a solution. Using this information, you can capture qualified leads and differentiate them from those who are simply curious about what you have to say.

To generate leads—and to keep building followers—you’ll need to ensure the materials you’re sharing are truly worthwhile. And because it takes a client consuming at least 10 pieces of quality content before converting, thought leadership is a long game.

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