Last week we kicked off the new year. With new goals comes new activity to reach those new heights. It seems all tasks are better when you have support to encourage you along the way. So, this month let’s focus on growing your network of real estate investors. Read on to learn what you can do each day this week to expand your circle.


Grow Your Network Week 2


“Join local groups. In every market there are groups, and in these groups, there are real estate investors that have deals, have money, [and are] looking for opportunities.” – Eddie Wilson


Day 8 – Watch the Join Local Groups episode from Resident Expert Eddie Wilson’s course Marketing on a Tight Budget.

Day 9 – Find a local REIA event to attend.

Day 10 – Think Realty is supported by a number of businesses that provide services to the real estate investment community. Consider reaching out to one that can help your business.

Day 11 – Join Think Realty’s social conversation by following them and tagging @wethinkrealty or #thinkrealty.

Day 12 – Ask for what you need in your next conversation. If you need money for a deal, say it. Chances are if the person you’re talking to can’t help, they’ll know someone who can.

Day 13 – Follow Think Realty Resident Expert Eddie Wilson on Twitter.

Day 14 – Ask a new connection for an introduction to someone within their network, and reciprocate when you can.


Daily Activity Tip


To deliver on your commitment to grow your network, reserve the time on your calendar. When you set aside time, you’re more likely to check each task off the list.


Watch for next week’s steps and join the conversation on Think Realty’s social channels.


Did you miss the first week’s activities? You can review and catch up here.

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