Each week we test your real estate investing knowledge with our quiz to let you have some fun and perhaps learn more about real estate investing.

How many single-family home sales in the last year were flips?

What is a gross rent multiplier?

 How many investors identify themselves as part-time real estate investors?

 How many homes does a typical single-family landlord own?

On our first weekly quiz, less than 40 percent got the correct answer on how many homes a typical single-family landlord owns.

How many homes does a typical single-family landlord own? Take our quiz
On our second quiz, more than 50 percent got the correct answer on how many real estate investors consider themselves part-time real estate investors.

Each week test your real estate knowledge with our quizzes and see how many questions you can get right. We provide helpful, useful advice for real estate investors to help them grow and improve their real estate investments.

In our first quiz, we looked at some date from John Burns Real Estate Consulting. In that report, Burns said the 12.7 million detached home renters have largely been ignored by builders and developers for years as both supply and demand steadily grew over many decades. The vast majority of the growth of individually owned rental homes has historically come from households who lived in the home before relocating and decided to continue owning and renting the home rather than selling it.

In that report, Burns also said approximately 54 percent of the landlords of single-family rental homes own only one home, per RentRange.

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