HomeVestors, with more than 540 franchises in 42 states,  has announced the accomplishments of franchisees with top performance award for the 12-month ranking period in 2014 in a release.

HomeVestors franchises bought 5,000 houses with a total sales volume of $474,000,000. HomeVestors is the number one buyer of houses in the U.S.

HomeVestors announces top performing franchisees for 2014“Our franchises are top performers, which demonstrate that even in some of the toughest real estate markets, there are local opportunities for profitable investment in real estate,” sDavid Hicks, Co-President of HomeVestors, said in a release.

“HomeVestors franchisees not only help improve the health of local real estate markets, but also improve neighborhoods,” Ken Channell, co-president of HomeVestors, said in the release. “In 2014, we saw this happen across the U.S. But some markets grew faster than others, particularly California, where we have added over 75 franchises in less than two years.”

HomeVestors Top Performance Awards

HomeVestors Top Closers (Most Ugly Houses Bought) – Major Markets:
1.WFI Properties, Inc. (Houston, TX)
2.C&C Residential Properties, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
3.Hi-Land Properties, LLC (Palm Beach, FL)
4.Just Around The Corner, LLC (Atlanta, GA)
5.CityScape Properties, LLC (Kansas City, MO)
6.Time, LLC (St. Louis, MO)
7.SNL Realty, LLC (Chicago, IL)
8.Alliance Realty Services, LLC (St. Louis, MO)
9.Black Rock Real Estate, L.L.C. (Las Vegas, NV)
10.Corporate Properties, Inc. (Denver, CO)

HomeVestors Top Closers (Most Ugly Houses Bought) – Junior Markets:
1.Tiburon Group, LLC (Fort Myers, FL)
2.I’ll Buy Your House, LLC (Shreveport, LA)
3.HomeBuyers of Wilmington, LLC (Wilmington, NC)

HomeVestors Top Sales Volume (Highest Sales Volume):
1.SNL Realty, LLC (Chicago, IL)
2.Hi-Land Properties, LLC (Palm Beach, FL)
3.Corporate Properties, Inc. (Denver, CO)
4.WFI Properties, Inc. (Houston, TX)
5.C&C Residential Properties, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

HomeVestors Rising Stars:

6 Years Progressive Growth

Hi-Land Properties, LLC (Palm Beach, FL)

4 Years Progressive Growth

Constitution Properties, LLC (Boston, MA)

3 Years Progressive Growth

CityScape Properties, LLC (Kansas City, MO)

Time, LLC (St. Louis, MO)

Venture South, LLC ((Birmingham, AL)

Darg Properties, LLC ((Tucson, AZ)

Rehome Properties LLC (Hartford/New Haven, CT)

Senex Properties, LLC (Austin, TX)

2nd Wind, LLC (Louisville, KY)

One Clear Key Property Solutions, LLC (Dallas, TX)

AMI Property I, LLC (Lafayette, LA)

WFI Properties, Inc. (Houston, TX)

J & J Investment Properties, LLC (St. Louis, MO)

Cubera Macro, LLC (Philadelphia, PA)

Abbott Real Estate Solutions, LLC (Fort Walton Beach, FL)

Providence Place Properties, LLC (Boston, MA)

2 Years Progressive Growth

Just Around The Corner, LLC (Atlanta, GA)

SNH Properties, LLC (Atlanta, GA)

Investcorp Holdings, LLC (Phoenix, AZ)

Property Remedies, Inc. (Houston, TX)

Morning Glory Investments LLC (Fort Worth, TX)

Freedom Property Group LLC (Los Angeles, CA)

Lott’s Alamo City Properties, LLC (San Antonio, TX)

Pointman Properties, LLC (Bryan-College Station, TX)

K&S Realty Solutions, LLC (Atlanta, GA)

In Deed Properties LLC (West Palm Beach, FL)

StarrValley Investments, LLC (Houston, TX)

Rocklin Group LLC (St. Louis, MO)

3TAC Homebuyers, LLC (Richmond, VA)

A Place To Call Home, Ltd (San Antonio, TX)

Schneider Property Solutions, Inc. (Raleigh, NC)

Harvester Properties, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)

Kokenes & Associates Inc. (Houston, TX)

ReoCoor Inc. (Norfolk, VA)

Creative Investments, LLC (Springfield, MO)

Gallop Solutions, Inc. (Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN)

Urban Property Solutions, LLC (Atlanta, GA)

Go To Cash Funding LLC (Jacksonville, FL)

EDOS, LLC (Richmond, VA)

Real Property Resources, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)

Infinity Partners, L.L.C. (Chicago, IL)

Saxum Real Estate Solutions LLC (Houston, TX)

Whiteox LLC (Oklahoma City, OK)

Sandia Real Estate Investments, LLC (Albuquerque, NM)

Tiger Eye Properties LLC (St. Louis, MO)

WGB Properties LLC (Jackson, MS)

Winward Properties, LLC (Long Island, NY)

Box House Properties LLC (Charlotte, NC)

Mission Equity Group, LLC (Ventura, CA)

Rapid Transfers, LLC (Dallas, TX)

Beachbreak Homes LLC (San Diego, CA)

R&B Capital Ventures, LLC (Birmingham, AL)

Corporate Properties, Inc. (Denver, CO)

Evolution Properties, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

Allied Property Group, LLC (Atlanta, GA)

One Year Progressive Growth

Riverhouse Investments, LLC (Milwaukee, WI)

GRK, LLC (St. Louis, MO)

Temple Homes, Inc. (Detroit, MI)

Haynes Properties, LLC (Fresno, CA)

TSW Properties, LLC (St. Louis, MO)

SIR Holdings LLC (Birmingham, AL)

Portfolio Builders, LLC (Wichita, KS)

Home Again Properties, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)

Brady Development Group, LLC (Dallas, TX)

Wave Properties, LLC (Dallas, TX)

CHM Realty Investments, LLC (Houston, TX)

S&S Texas Properties LLC (Houston, TX)

HomeBuyers of Wilmington, LLC (Wilmington, NC)

TDK Investment Group, LLC (Fort Worth, TX)

The Home Liquidator, LLC (Milwaukee, WI)

Team Loyal Investment Group, LLC (Denver, CO)

TCB Real Estate Solutions, LLC (Louisville, KY)

Seven Gables Properties, LLC (Atlanta, GA)

Three Level Properties, LLC (Atlanta, GA)

AAA Cash For Houses, LLC (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Alliance Realty Services, LLC (St. Louis, MO)

Tiburon Group, LLC (Fort Myers, FL)

WinWin Properties, LLC (Boston, MA)

The Buying Company (Phoenix, AZ)

Fresh Start Property Solutions, LLC (Richmond, VA)

Westbriar Properties, Inc. (Boston, MA)

Equitable Real Estate Investments LLC (Dallas, TX)

K2NC, LLC (Washington, D.C.)

HomeVestors Rookies of the Year:

1.Deep Canyon LLC (Tucson, AZ)
2.JKK Property Investors, LLC (Greensboro, NC)
3.Konark Development, L.L.C. (Philadelphia, PA)
4.Two Guys & Tools, Inc. (Junior Market) (Fort Wayne, IN)

HomeVestors Top Development Agent in Franchise Growth (Most New Franchises Sold):
•Mark McKeller
•Michael McKeller
•Kevin Culkin
•John Holman

HomeVestors Franchise of the Year The UG Award (Outstanding Business Progress and Growth):

WFI Properties, Inc. (Houston, TX)

HomeVestors Founders Award (Contribution to the Company and Individual Franchisees):

Don Cameron, Hi-Land Properties, LLC (Palm Beach, FL)

J.D. Asbell, CityScape Properties, LLC (Kansas City, MO)

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