8 ways to work better in business and life with your significant otherG’day everyone! Engelo here, your favourite Australian! On this week’s blog I’m giving it a twist by getting down and personal. You see, quite often I’ve been asked how do I do it?

And my answer simply is: because I’m awesome.

Haha- ok, ok jokes aside.

How am I able to successfully work side-by-side with someone all day, every day, 365 days a year?

Now not just anyone mind you. We are talking about my significant other. My life partner. My side kick (sometimes known as my pain in the butt). You see, as you may or may not know, I created a turnkey Real Estate company called Ohio Cashflow with my significant other.
She and I work side-by-side growing this company into what it is today.

And lately, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people wanting to know what our recipe is to a successful relationship in life and in business.
So today is your lucky day and I’m going to share with you what strategy has worked for us, and I hope that it will work for you as well!

1. Establish Boundaries

It can be nearly impossible to not find fault with someone you work and live with. No one is perfect. You need to initiate boundaries when running a business with your life partner. Keep personal issues at home and keep business issues at the office. If you work from home, designate a strict time to only talk business in that period of time and vice versa.

2. Respect one another

Respect is a key trait to success in any relationship. When working with your partner, you must always maintain a level of respect. If you’re both committed to mutual respect, you will create a foundation of trust and will be less likely to take offense or have conflicts due to a differing opinion.

3. Realize you guys are on the same team

Try to keep in mind that you’re on the same team, fighting for the same things! Sometimes, it can be hard not to take out small frustrations and everyday work issues on those closest to us. Especially someone you’re comfortable with, such as your partner. Remember that you and your significant other are working towards the same goals, and that you both benefit from team-focused efforts.

4. Figure out who’s got the brawn and who’s the brains

Balance out each other’s talents to your advantage. In our relationship, I am the creative, “get out there and make it happen” type, while my partner is the organized, strategic type.
Recognize and appreciate each other’s talents and use them to your advantage! Make them work for you.

5. Be on the same page

Take time to sit down with your partner and discuss what you both envision for the company. Make sure it’s clear what the end goal is and what strategies you will use to get there. This will help you remain on the same page. It can also be a tool used to remind one another that you’re working towards the same goals.

6. Don’t take things personally

Take time and get to know your partner’s work habits and tendencies. Once you figure them out, it will be easier for you not to take everything said to heart — and it will free you from worrying about why your partner does or says something. For example: I know that I should probably lay low on days that my partner is catching up with monthly bookkeeping!

7. Support each other

I does not have an “off” switch. I am 100% entrepreneur minded — and always turned “on.” My focus is always on work and growing the business. This can be a pretty difficult thing to live with.

Fortunately, my partner understands me and my crazy work method. Although, she might push me to take a breather every now and then if she sees my health lacking. She knows that everything I do is not for myself, it’s to get us and our loved ones in a better position in life. It may be hard to always understand one another and each other’s ways, but to remain fully committed in both life and business, you need to support your partner and always give them benefit of the doubt that what they are doing is not just for themselves — it’s for you both as a team.

8. Try to laugh off the small things

… because you’re definitely going to have some! Don’t dwell on small things, it just slows everything down and gives you a cruddy vibe throughout the day (in both work and home!) Try to laugh the small things off and just enjoy the fact that you are able to work with someone who you can undoubtedly trust and whom you know you have their complete loyalty- that in itself is something to treasure!


My partner and I are both hard workers; we give our best at every task and project thrown our way.
This characteristic may help us work together more than anything else, as we don’t have to second-guess each other, whether there are stressful or happy moments.

Ultimately, we are one force that is moving in the same direction. We understand that we are not robots, but individuals with talents, strengths, and weaknesses. And, of course, people who at the end of the day go home to relax and enjoy one another!

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    Engelo Rumora, aka “The Real Estate Dingo," is a successful property investor, motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur who quit school at the age of 14 and played professional soccer at 18. He also is a soon-to-be-published author and aspiring host of his own real estate house flipping show. To date—and against huge odds—Engelo has been involved in over 350 real estate deals worth $50 million in transactions along with successfully founding and running five businesses in Ohio. The most prominent of those is List’n Sell Realty, a Toledo-based discount real estate brokerage offering a “first of its kind” referral program in the nation. Visit www.listnsellrealty.com for more information. You can contact Engelo at engelo@ohiocashflow.com or visit www.ohiocashflow.com.

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