Think Realty Resident Experts Release New Course Materials
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Think Realty Resident Experts Release New Course Materials

The latest content and courses from the Think Realty Resident Expert team.

Think Realty Resident Experts provide valuable education to real estate investors through video courses accessible on the Think Realty website. Each course typically contains between six and 12 lessons that are easily digestible and implementable.

This quarter, Experts Eddie Wilson, “The Deal Maker,” and Abhi Golhar, “The Connector,” released new courses related to marketing and wholesaling.

Resident Expert: Eddie Wilson

Course Topics: Marketing and Lead Generation

Course: Inbound Marketing (9 episodes)

Wilson shares the lead generation strategy that has brought him thousands of deals throughout his investing career along with actionable tips for real estate investors interested in inbound marketing. Students learn how to attract and interact with prospects, offer those prospects irresistible solutions, and create a constant stream of leads and deals. The course kicks off with an explanation of the difference between inbound and outbound marketing and progresses to specific, practical steps to get you found online and help you convert leads.

Course: Marketing on a Tight Budget (9 episodes)

When dollars need to stretch, Wilson has you covered with his Marketing on a Tight Budget course. He walks through tested tactics that allow you to spend little money and get big impact. Along with easy-to-implement ideas, there are inexpensive or free tools and services suggested that can help you achieve your investment goals.

Resident Expert: Abhi Golhar

Course Topics: Finding Deals and Navigating Paperwork

In his own real estate investing business, Golhar does it all. For Think Realty students, however, he’s willing to break things down as small as they need to go, beginning with the classic starting point for many investors, wholesaling. “Wholesaling is a really great way to learn the business and offers a good number of exit strategies. You have significantly lower financial risk; it helps with mindset and vocabulary, and it gets you started really doing deals,” he explained. “Of course, the first thing is that you have to find the deals in order to do them.”

Course: Finding Wholesale Deals (11 episodes)

Golhar begins his new wholesaling series by reminding us that homeowners and real estate agents don’t typically serve up deals on a silver platter. There is work to do in order to get those deals! The first lesson helps you define what a deal is. (Spoiler alert: It may be different for each opportunity you encounter.)

Course: Navigating Wholesale Paperwork (6 episodes)

Golhar starts out by suggesting you prepare to take some notes during this course. When you complete the six episodes, you will know everything that goes into a proper deal analysis, including the formula Golhar uses to run the numbers. Throughout the course we’re reminded that details count and there are some we should never overlook.

Resident Expert courses are available to those with a free Think Realty account. You can view the entire catalog of educational videos here.