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Structuring Sponsor-Syndicated Investments

Sponsor-syndicated private real estate investments can be structured in many different ways. In most private syndications, the sponsor contributes a smaller amount of the investment capital; however, the sponsor offers… more
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Determining Your Loan Amount

The exact answer to what your loan amount will be usually is not determined until the lender issues a final loan commitment. Multiple variables can impact the loan amount during… more
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Getting Started as a Real Estate Investor

The current real estate market is on fire with unprecedented appreciation, and even small-town America is seeing major climbs in house values. The hot market has also hit the public’s… more
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Lending on Former Big Box Stores

Before the 1970s, Americans shopped downtown. In both rural towns and urban neighborhoods, the shops and professional services anyone needed were all lined up in a neat walkable row. Most… more
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Partnering With a Lender You Can Trust

The most productive and sustainable relationships are premised on a strong foundation of mutual trust. You trust your attorney to provide objective, well-researched legal insight. You turn to your physician… more
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Bridge Financing for Commercial Real Estate

Bull Funding provides bridge financing for real estate investors with commercial and residential financing needs. We offer fast approvals and funding, competitive rates, and reliable service for direct bridge loan… more
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Taking the Bull By the Horns

A common thread running through Kemra Norsworthy’s career is that she doesn’t like to lose. From her time selling cars to many years in the mortgage and private lending industries,… more