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Gary Harper

With decades of experience in managerial roles for Fortune 500 companies, Gary brought his business savvy and know-how with him when he dove into real estate investing. He’s ready and eager to teach both early and seasoned investors how managing your properties like a business can lead to greater financial success and personal freedom!

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Linda Liberatore

Linda Liberatore’s passion is evaluating investing strategies and reducing expenses for business and property investors. With more than 20 years in the industry and as an entrepreneur herself, Linda knows the ups and downs that come with starting your own business. She wants to empower new and seasoned investors to enhance and expand their REI businesses!

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Ben Rao

With vast knowledge and insight from over a decade of rehabbing houses, Ben is on a mission to save real estate investors time, money and resources!

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Pamela J. Goodwin

A licensed broker and owner of her own successful commercial real estate firm, Pamela has closed multimillion-dollar deals across 80 cities and 16 states. As a certified instructor, best-selling author, and in-demand speaker with hands-on experience, Pamela excels in helping others learn all sides of commercial real estate from tenant, landlord, developer, broker, and investor perspectives.

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Sonia Booker

The “Wealth Builder”, Sonia Booker is a respected investor, author, educator, and media host with expertise in helping investors establish financial stability from the ground up.

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Abhi Golhar

A high-performance property investor, national speaker, and popular RE media host, Abhi has developed a proven system and cache of resources designed to give investors a competitive edge.

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Eddie Wilson

A multifaceted corporate leader who blends his expertise in business management and finance with his passion for RE investing to help other investors find the smart deals and source funding.

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Tameka Bryant

An award-winning, licensed Realtor and Broker in multiple states, as well an author, educator and sought-after speaker, Tameka excels in helping investors find their best niche.

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