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How Wholesaling Can Work for You

If you’re interested in real estate as an investment, it’s certainly fun to watch those TV shows with the fix-and-flip investors turning a beat-up old house into someone’s dream home.… more
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4 Tips to Take Your First REI Step

Taking the first step is one of the most significant and common obstacles for a new or part-time investor who is looking to get started. Most people struggle to take… more
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The ‘Moat Theory’

For the longest time, I thought financial freedom was only for the wealthy. But everything changed for me after I read this sentence: Financial freedom happens when your wants and… more
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Passive Investing in Active Value-Add Real Estate

Many of the most interesting real estate investment opportunities involve “value-add” situations—renovation or redevelopment projects that aim at repositioning a property to a higher price point. The value-add strategy is… more