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Create Your Own Note

Good for you! You’ve been investing and you have a nice piece of rental real estate where you’ve built up equity. But you have noticed that the return on that… more
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12 Myths of Real Estate Note Investing

Whether you’re a new investor or have been in the game for a while, you might be uncertain of real estate note investing because of what you have heard. Here… more
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Become the Bank: What is Wealth?

Wealth: what is it? Why does everyone talk about its creation? Wealth is defined by one’s perception and what it means to them. As a real estate investor, wealth is… more
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Become the Bank

Sponsored Content provided by Pull the Trigger Enterprises Become the Bank™ is a concept born out of the current market conditions, with lack of REOs and defaults at 4.3 percent… more
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Note Investing from Afar

Would you buy real estate hundreds of miles away from home? Most people would say, “No way!” Would you buy a real estate note hundreds of miles away from home?… more