W.J. Mencarow

  • W. J. Mencarow has been investing in real estate and notes for over 30 years. He and his wife Alison founded The Paper Source (PaperSourceOnline.com) to teach note investment. They host a radio show broadcast all over the Texas Hill Country (FirstCoupleOfTexasRadio.com) and on most podcast sites. He served in the US Congress as chief of staff, legislative director and press secretary. He is an ordained minister (PCA) and has written several books.

16 Ways to Find a Good Real Estate Teacher

16 Ways to Find a Good Real Estate Teacher

| Article | Fundamentals, Operations
How do you know which real estate investment teachers to trust? The litmus test is this: They must have earned the right to teach measured by their years of success in real estate—not in selling seminars. Do an internet search for the teacher’s name and company name(s) with words such ...
Finding the Right REI for You

Finding the Right REI for You

Asking “what is the best real estate investment?” is the wrong question. The right question is, “what is the best real estate investment for me?” There is no “best” type of real estate investment. You have to compare the pros and cons of each and decide what fits you. It ...
Farmland: An Under-the-Radar Investment

Farmland: An Under-the-Radar Investment

As early as I can remember, every weekend my Dad took me and our German Shorthaired Pointer to visit our farm, about 25 miles east of our home in Moline, Illinois, and then he let our dog go crazy chasing, but never catching, all the critters. I listened and learned ...

12 Myths of Real Estate Note Investing

Whether you’re a new investor or have been in the game for a while, you might be uncertain of real estate note investing because of what you have heard. Here are facts to dispel just some of the many myths surrounding this niche of real estate investing. Myth #1: “You need ...

The 3 P’s of Real Estate Note Investing

A real estate note is simply an IOU secured by property.  In a conventional real estate transaction, a buyer makes a down payment, obtains a loan, and signs a note promising to pay a certain amount each month to the lender until the loan, plus interest, is paid.  In a ...
IdealRetirementPlan Notes

How to Build Continuous Cash through Noteworthy Investments

How would you like to have a retirement plan that builds up cash continuously with as little as one initial contribution from you? Imagine a plan that you do not have to set up with a brokerage firm, a plan that has no fees of any kind, a plan in ...
Note Investing

Note Investing from Afar

Would you buy real estate hundreds of miles away from home? Most people would say, “No way!” Would you buy a real estate note hundreds of miles away from home? Before you say, “No way!” think about this: call the note a “stock” and you wouldn’t care where the real ...
note investing

Note Investing Opportunity Abounds in Specialized Real Estate Notes

The seller carry back note market is thriving, and that spells opportunity for note investors. A study of the latest data shows that even though there is a slight drop in the gross number of seller-created trust deeds and mortgages, the quality is much better. I’ve identified nine significant statistics ...

How Mortgage Notes Work

Investing in mortgage notes has made many people very wealthy and created cash flows for them that come in every month. I think of notes as cash-flow machines that you build, plug in, and then they produce income for you for years. The best news? There is no limit to ...