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Grocery Store Wars & Where to Invest

A new ATTOM Data analysis shows that prospective homebuyers are better off buying near a Trader Joe’s than a Whole Foods or an ALDI; although homes near Whole Foods have… more
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More Homeowners Have High Levels of Equity

More and more homeowners can be considered “equity rich,” according to ATTOM Data Solutions’ new U.S. Home Equity and Underwater Report.   More than 13.1 million homeowners have a loan-to-value… more
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Are you focusing on progress over profits?

  To put the subject of “Progress Over Profits” into context, I recently heard another real estate investor say, “When you chase money it will run.” And I couldn’t agree… more
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Within Reach, at Last

An Understanding of Private Equity Funds Will Help Smaller Investors Move Beyond Single-Family into Commercial Real Estate Commercial real estate investments bring immense benefits that an investor is hard-pressed to… more