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Ditch the Spreadsheets

No matter how much time you’ve spent in real estate, chances are you have logged some serious hours staring at a computer screen, trying to make numbers work on a… more
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On the Radar: Top Flip States

Residential real estate was the hot ticket in 2020. Tight inventory meant bidding wars, price increases, and properties were pending and sold in record time. As we jump into the… more
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Market Spotlight: Jacksonville FL

There are many positives for the Jacksonville market for 2021 and future years. Jacksonville home prices will continue to rise in 2021, with the largest appreciation in the lower price… more
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On the Radar: California Investor Exodus

Rumor has it that real estate investors are throwing in the towel on California. Even before Covid, investors were increasingly uncomfortable with California politicians and regulators, seemingly set on making… more
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Developing New Strategies

Prior to Covid-19, median household incomes in the United States were rising sharply, according to US Census data. From 2016 to 2019, median household incomes jumped from $59,039 to $68,703,… more