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Show and Sell

Motivate buyers with simple staging tips that do the trick

As a motherdaughter duo in real estate, we have been able to focus in on what it really takes to get a house staged and ready to sell. Flipping and selling over a hundred homes together, we have been able to see what helps motivate buyers when viewing a property. These simple tricks of the trade will help prepare homes for showings in order to sell quickly. 

Stage to Show 

When your property is cleaned up, de-cluttered and ready to show off, entice higher bidders with these simple tricks of the design trade. These tasks take very little time and money and will better prepare homes for showings to bring in your desired sale price. 


Create brightness, warmth, and bring the home to life with table lamps and undercounter lighting. Use electric candles for even more ambiance and another safe lighting option. Be sure to have lights on for showings! 


Mirrors create depth within a room, and they are an easy way to spruce up a blank wall. They can make spaces seem larger and can help buyers to envision themselves in the home. 

Real Plants 

Greenery makes the home feel livable, inviting, and brings in color and warmth. 


Add a pop of color and texture plus evoke an immediate feeling of comfort with simple throw pillows. 

Outdoor Living Spaces 

Don’t forget the potential added square footage by creating an outdoor dining and living space. Add a picnic table with place settings and plants to create a welcoming outdoor environment. Plus, setting tables inside or outside makes spaces look more complete and allows buyers to envision themselves entertaining. 

Window Treatments 

Softens the room by adding warmth and comfort. Take window screens off to create a clean look and to bring in more natural lighting. 

Stage All Rooms 

Create a more livable and complete appearance enhancing your chances of the house selling faster and for a higher price by staging more than just the living room. Try adding a queen bed in an empty master to help buyers envision if their own bed will fit the room. 


Make sure dead flowers are cut back and the lawn is recently mowed. Mowing the yard is like vacuuming the house; it gives a sense of the home being groomed, fresh, and clean. 

An Inviting Scent 

Candles can be a hazard but it’s important to make the home smell nice in other ways: diffuse essential oils, brew a pot of coffee, or set out freshly baked cookies

Other Selling Tips for Open Houses 

Play Music 

Showings should feel fun and inviting! Play music that flows well with the house to help fully immerse visitors to a welcoming environment rather than a quiet, awkward one. 

An Empty Flyer Box 

By taking flyers away from the flyer box, people will be more motivated to come inside and be more likely to assume there is a lot of interest in the home, which will spike their own interest. 


Make sure debris is cleared from counters, toilet seats are down, sinks are cleaned, trashcans are empty, and clothes are put away. 

Use Books 

Books are an easy prop to create a homey, sophisticated look plus they add a pop of color.