Understanding the Housing Market, with Greg Rand

by | Jan 22, 2019 | Podcast

Greg Rand, Chief Strategy Officer of Renters Warehouse, is back with Abhi Golhar for another episode of the Power Play. Our listeners have asked and Greg and Abhi have the answers! The first listener wants to know how millenial home-buying is impacting investors perspectives on buying right now.

Our second listener is from Washington and is one-year post-college and has been saving to invest in a property. She wants to know how much she needs to save before she buys her first property and is looking for strategies to save more. Learn how much Greg thinks you need to put down when looking for a property. It might not be what you think!

Never rush to own a property when you are looking to buy. Greg advises you save as fast as you can so you can build toward a large down payment. Both Greg and Abhi agree that the way to build wealth is to buy and hold.

The final question comes from David from Ohio. He has done all of his research and is ready to pull the trigger, but he is hesitant because he has noticed the population has declined over the years. It concerns Greg, but listen to what he has to say to get his whole perspective.

Tune in to env-thinkrealty-copy.kinsta.cloud/radio and check out all of our radio shows with guest experts from all over the country.

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