Think Realty Podcast #295 – What’s New at Streamline Funding

by , | Dec 5, 2023 | Funding, Podcast

Eddie sat down with longtime friend and new Streamline Funding CEO, Dana Georgiou, to chat about her new role and how even though Streamline has always been hyper focused on Texas, what their plans for expansion are. They chat about what other lending options they offer besides fix and flip, if new construction will be the primary focus, and about the rising interest rates. Plus, they discuss what Dana sees in the next 6, 8 and 12 months on a national scale and how Streamline is managing to set pricing and rates with the movement in the market while saying competitive to the borrower. For more information, visit

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  • Eddie Wilson

    An entrepreneur and visionary by nature, Eddie’s widespread interests have led to successful ventures across the globe, from operating non-profits and owning an ad agency that worked with well-known household brands, to investing in hundreds of real estate projects and building a nationally syndicated radio show. Today, he guides AAPL and Think Realty with his marketing, funding, and real estate investing knowledge to ensure their establishment as the premier organizations in their sectors.

  • Dana Georgiou

    Dana Wasson is a 25 year mortgage veteran. Her tenure and expertise in the mortgage space runs from originating loans to the end sale with Wall Street Investors. Her years of experience transcend the wholesale, retail and correspondent markets as well as, conventional, government, sub-prime, Non-QM and her most recent years in the commercial side for Real Estate Investment Lending. Dana has been an active speaker in the mortgage industry and a mortgage policy advocate both state and nationally. She has written for different mortgage related magazines through the years on topics from mortgage operation efficiencies to getting the best out of your people as a leader. Dana currently lives in Texas and has raised two (2) amazing daughters, with the youngest attending her Alma Mater of Texas A&M university. Football is her favorite season and she is actively involved in her community.

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