Think Realty Podcast #288 – Empower Her With InvestHer!

by , | Sep 26, 2023 | Investment Strategy, Podcast, Products & Services

“I’m third generation real estate investor, and the biggest shame is that more women and minorities are not represented in this space.” – Eddie Wilson

One of the major inequalities in the real estate industry is that there aren’t enough women in the investing space, so Eddie sat down with Ginny Adkins, Co-Founder of The InvestHer EXP Realty Team, to dive deeper into the topic. They chat about the organization and vision for InvestHer, what tools the organization gives women to be successful in the industry, and how other women can get involved. Plus, they discuss one of the big hurdles that Ginny sees women overcoming today that they have struggled with in the past. For more information, visit

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  • Eddie Wilson

    An entrepreneur and visionary by nature, Eddie’s widespread interests have led to successful ventures across the globe, from operating non-profits and owning an ad agency that worked with well-known household brands, to investing in hundreds of real estate projects and building a nationally syndicated radio show. Today, he guides AAPL and Think Realty with his marketing, funding, and real estate investing knowledge to ensure their establishment as the premier organizations in their sectors.

  • Ginny Adkins

    I am an Investor/HomeBuyer/REALTOR®/Renovation Specialist/Stager. I work with sellers who need someone to come alongside them, give them support and be a resource of information and guidance to help them sell their home in whatever way fits their needs and goals. Traditional sales almost always brings the most money to a seller but may not always be the best solution for homeowners. I also help investors source and purchase real estate to build their portfolios. I have experience working with property managers and affiliates around the country to give the customer a great experience that meets their investment criteria.

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