The Silver Tsunami, with Kevin Ortner

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Podcast

America’s largest third party property management company — Renters Warehouse — hops back on the phone with Abhi for their weekly segment on Think Realty Radio. Kevin Ortner is the CEO of Renters Warehouse and he loves helping motivated real estate investors do what they enjoy with success.

Abhi wants investors to understand that cutting corners in this industry and achieving success don’t pair well. In his words, there are three important steps that are easy to remember — but require a dedicated investor to follow through. These steps are:

A – Understand (do your homework)

B – Absorb the information

C – Do something about it

The Silver Tsunami

Abhi and Kevin touch on eye-opening topics including “The Silver Tsunami.” The Silver Tsunami refers to what’s to occur in the retirement space for baby boomers. 10,000 baby boomers retire every day, but only 26% are financially prepared. Many pundits consider this a crisis. What does this mean for America’s real estate market? Tune in to get the professional opinions of these two REI professionals.

They drop some staggering statistics about the possible outlooks for the near future regarding the Silver Tsunami, retirement, and how the younger generation needs to prepare.

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