The Power Play, with Greg Rand

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Podcast

Listener Question

Greg and Abhi start off this episode of Think Realty Radio by answering a question sent in by Carrie from Indianapolis. It’s an in-depth question regarding her method of real estate investing, which is to buy a fixer-upper, live in it, fix it up, then rent it out and move onto another property to do the same thing.

The problem she’s run into is that she’s having a hard time finding good tenants for her properties. Greg and Abhi dissect her plan and show her where some holes may be and how to plug them to make her method more sound.

Solutions offered by the two include heightening her marketing plan to find better tenants, paying specific attention to the neighborhoods in which she’s buying, and finding a property manager to take care of filling the property so she doesn’t have to.

Read the article Greg recently published on, titled Two Indicators Investors Should Watch in 2019.

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