Securing Loans as a Real Estate Investor, with Jeff Levin

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Podcast

Jeff Levin, Speciality Lending Group, is on air with Abhi and kicks off the show discussing what private lending is and how it works. Jeff says there are plenty of different names for private lending, but he focuses on lending to real estate investors, regardless of their niche. It differs from bank lending because private lenders have the ability to go “outside of the box.”

Understand all the benefits that come from a private lender and some reasons a lot of people like going to private lenders, including a big reason — pricing! Typically 99.9% of the time, private lenders are the cheapest form of a partner in the real estate market. Find out how Jeff got his start in private lending and what he predicts for the future of private lending.

Jeff gives his advice and has four “C’s” he tells people to live by when looking for a lender. He shares plenty of “gold nuggets” with listeners’, especially things he wished he knew when he was just starting out. Tune in now to hear all he has to say about private lending, including market trends he is anticipating in 2019.

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