Say Yes to Notes, with Jasmine Willois and Natasha Navarro

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Podcast

Paper: if invested in properly, can and will make you a lot of money! By paper, today, we’re talking about notes, and why you should consider adding them to diversify your portfolio.

About the Guests

Jasmine Willois and Natasha Navarro are two experts in the note portion of the real estate investment industry and join Abhi on Think Realty Radio to cover all aspects of notes, from performing to non-performing and more!

Jasmine is the President of the Note Assistance Program which aims to be the change they want to see in the industry. The program exists to assist entrepreneurs and accredited investors to be properly trained to buy notes from the bank.

Natasha started with the Note Assistance Program three years ago after a decorated career in real estate investing and has risen to an executive role at the company.

What is a Note, Exactly?

A note is simply the paperwork a homebuyer fills out when they are approved for a loan. That paperwork is sold by the bank to a person who has chosen to invest in notes, who then collects the monthly mortgage payments from the homebuyer.

It’s akin to collecting rent, except easier — the note-buyer doesn’t have to deal with tenants, toilets, or trash. In Natasha’s words, you become a “leanlord” rather than a landlord, meaning you get the money deposited into your account without the headaches.

Other topics included in this episode include Jasmine and Natasha’s views on the current market patterns, Dodd Frank, and more.

Learn more about investing in notes and Jasmine and Natasha at!

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