Real Estate Syndication, with Scott Lewis

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Podcast

We are talking with Scott Lewis, with Spartan Investment Group, and he takes us through Real Estate syndication. Confused with what that means? He takes us through what his company offers and how there are syndication opportunities everywhere and most investments (big-time movies, dog groomers, etc.) use syndication. He walks us through key strategies that he and his company use.

He talks us through investing in syndication vs. investing in a single-family rental and he poses a simple question — what is your time worth? It is time-consuming and is an active endeavor. They say people ask if they should quit their job to invest in real estate, but the reality is that it’s your wealth driver!

Self storage is another type of investment that Scott and his team manage. Scott was never interested in residential Real Estate and never had a desire to work with other people. He says no matter what is happening in the economy, people need storage. Not necessarily grandma’s belongings, but so many different types of people have different needs, regardless if the market is up or down.

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