Real Estate Success, with Greg Rand

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Podcast

Greg Rand, Renters Warehouse, is on air with Abhi to give his insight on some listener questions. First, Greg sheds light on an “interesting” thing he saw while he was in Charlotte, but is definitely happening around the country. Lots of gimmicks and “get-rich-quick” schemes from people claiming to have all the answers to make fast cash in real estate investing.

The guys jump right into listener questions and start off with a question from Samuel from Southern California. He wants to get out of his market because it is too expensive Greg gives him some great ideas on how he can invest out-of-state. Another listener, Charlotte from Oklahoma City, wants to hear all about the acquisition of Greg and Abhi’s first five rental properties.

Dwayne from Nashville wants to know if it’s possible to get into real estate investing debt-free and he wants to know more about “sweat equity.” Greg and Abhi give their opinions and explain a little more about sweat equity. They tell Dwayne to do the research on markets he is interested in and do the due diligence, and that’s the most important part!

Our final listener is Christine from St. Louis and while she is shy and introverted, she wants to know more about networking with her shy personality. Think you know how Greg and Abhi will answer these questions? Think again. Tune in now to find out!

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