Real Estate Questions, with Greg Rand

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Podcast

Greg Rand, Renters Warehouse, is on air with Abhi. They kick-off the show discussing real estate in the news. A recent headline read that you shouldn’t invest in real estate, you should invest in real estate investment trusts. Some of the remarks came across as “interesting” for Abhi and they break down this article for you.

Next, the guys spend time answering listeners’ questions. Our first question is from Joel from Raleigh. He owns five single-family rentals and wants to know how he can continue to build his portfolio and eventually reach 40 single-family rentals over the next 30 years. Greg and Abhi offer insight and strategy for Joel and answer why this can be a good route instead of choosing multi-family rentals.

Our second listener question comes from Carl from Tulsa. There is lots of chatter about “knowing your market,” and he wants to know what exactly this means. Abhi and Greg break it down for Carl so that he understands just how he can “know” his market and the practical steps he can take to get started or continue moving forward with his real estate investment business.

If you think you are “too old” and waited too long to get in the real estate investment game, Greg has quite the response for you! The experience you have in life has allowed you to gain more confidence in real estate if it’s something you are interested in, then Greg says to go for it!

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