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by | Feb 8, 2019 | Podcast

Kevin Ortner, Renters Warehouse, is on air with Abhi to discuss all things real estate. They are analyzing a list that was put out by Lending Tree and where the real estate market is and ranking the markets. The go into detail about the list and discuss average down payments and have their predictions on whether they will see the average down payment go up or down.

There is a lot of talk of millennials postponing home buying, but Kevin says it is because they are saving up to put down a larger down payment. Kevin brings up the housing crisis the US market experiences 10 years ago, and the discuss ATTOM Data results of foreclosure rates, which was the lowest it has been in 13 years. Kevin gives his prediction with whether or not we will see those numbers rise.

Off-market deals — everyone has something to say about it, Abhi says. A lot of people think there is nothing in the market, but Abhi has a different opinion! has a great article on this if you’d like to follow along with their discussion. Kevin and Abhi agree that for every person they hear saying they can’t find any deals, they can find another person that has had 60 deals that year. It’s all about where you’re looking, the research you’re doing and who you are connecting with.

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