Real Estate Markets, with Greg Rand

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Podcast

Greg Rand, Renters Warehouse, is back on air with another round of the Power Play. “On this show, we are responding to some of the many questions we’ve been receiving from listeners.” Our first listener is from Seattle and wants to know if people are really spending over $400k for less than 10% ROI. With Seattle being such a hot spot to invest, it is pricier, but Greg and Abhi recommend investing outside of that market and going to a smaller market.

The next listener is a traveling nurse who has saved a good amount of money and plans to invest in the next few years since he has few expenses with his job. He wants to know about investing in different markets and how he can go about purchasing a property in the different cities he visits. He is looking for resources and more information, and Greg and Abhi definitely have more information for him!

Greg and Abhi shift gears to touch on Birmingham, AL and why it’s a great place to invest. Greg is on location in Birmingham and fills us in on what to look at as he breaks down the market for listeners. Tune in to hear all about what these two have to say about real estate investing!

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