Real Estate Market News, with Noel Christopher

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Podcast

Noel Christopher, SVP of Renters Warehouse, is back on the show this week to go over recent real estate market news. They are picking apart hot topics like raising rent, car and student loans, and other various factors to take into consideration when investing.

Abhi brings up a topic he loves discussing — days on market. He wants to be sure you look at how long a property has been for sale. Other news topics they discuss are build-to-rent investments  — building new homes with the sole purpose to rent them — not only for single-family homes, but developments that offer options much like an apartment complex.

Find out which city in the US is considered the most “undervalued.” It might surprise you and Abhi and Noel give their opinion on this market. They are also looking at four markets that are ripe for a “gut job.”

Find the news articles they reference and all of the latest real estate news at

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