Real Estate Investing: The Basics, with Cathy Crowe

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Podcast

Founder of the and, Cathy Crowe has spent nearly four decades playing a role in real estate deals. She’s well-known as an investor, speaker, and mentor in both in Dallas, Texas and nationwide.

While she used to be a realtor, Cathy now deals exclusively with investors. Cathy stresses the importance of effective communication amongst investors who don’t really know what they want.

This is why she created—a website Cathy made for real estate investors to ask questions and get quick answers. Essentially Cathy nails home the point that education is key. If you don’t know what you want as an investor (such as the types of property you’re attracted to), or how to do each step of the investment process, it’s imperative that you seek and follow through with REI training.

Abhi and Cathy also talk about the current state of the Lone Star State’s market, and what it holds for the future.

Visit any of the above-mentioned websites to learn more or to get in touch with Cathy!


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