Real Estate Economics, with Harding Easley

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Podcast

Harding Easley, with Yardi Matrix, is on the show to talk about all things real estate. He gets into the economy and gives his two cents for how things are going — he says they are keeping an eye on the yield curve and calls it a “sharp shooters” game. It’s all about knowing the decisions you need to make in a market before jumping in.

Abhi asks Harding to speculate a little on the economy and they bring up the “Black Swan” and what “could” happen in our economy. Harding and his team work on five different models for if and when a recession hits and he gives his prediction for what year that will take place.

Whether you are a new investor or current investor, they are unpacking complex concepts to help you better understand what can seem tricky and complicated.

To learn more about Yardi Matrix and to get in touch with Harding, email him at


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