Protecting Your REI Wealth with Clint Coons

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Podcast

With over 100 properties across the U.S., Clint Coons, founding partner at Anderson Advisors, knows the key to creating and sustaining long-term real estate wealth is through asset protection. Host Abhi Golhar chats proper investment strategies, policies, taxes, and more with guest Clint Coons.

Common Asset Protection Mistakes

You don’t need to own property to be sued. That’s why the #1 misstep many real estate investors make when protecting their properties is thinking that asset protection comes after the investment. The golden REI rule: protection before property.

Steps to Protect Your Properties 

Treat your asset protection as part of the business itself. Coons suggests thinking about it like a three-legged stool: you have the asset protection leg, the tax leg, and the business growth leg. Giving equal importance to each “leg” is vital to rapid, scalable REI growth.

Clint is also a Think Realty Coach! Learn how to build long-term wealth by protecting your real estate assets with Clint’s educational courses here.

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