Property Management, with Lukas Krause April 2019

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Podcast

Lukas Krause, with Real Property Management, is on air with Abhi to discuss purchasing real estate. He gives us the inside scoop for what he does and how his company helps clients with their investment properties. He started investing in real estate when he looked at it from a macro level, and shares his opinion of common misconceptions people have about investing in real estate.

Lukas provides listeners with some guidance in the single-family rental industry. Tap into your property managers so you can get access to listings before they’re open to the public. It’s all about looking in the right markets. He tells us what his thoughts are currently on the economy and where we’re headed. He thinks there will be a minor correction in 2019 because housing prices were so extreme, but he thinks it will be pretty quick since the demand is still there.

Hear about the trends and insights that Lukas gives listeners inside the property management space. Wondering how you can find value and what your returns could look like? Lukas walks us through it and more!

To find out about Lukas and Real Property Management visit today!

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