Property Automation, with Sean Miller

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Podcast

Sean Miller with Point Central is on air to talk about property automation and how it can help real estate investors. Sean says it is all about maximizing cash flow and reducing wear and tear. It could be anything from keyless entry to thermostat control. People often wonder how it differs from home automation and smart homes and Sean has all the answers for us! It is all about using technology to your advantage to save you time and money.

For property managers or owners, you can even access all the data from wherever your technology is installed throughout your different properties. It’s a tool you want on your side so you can optimize your property. Demos from Point Central are available and they are free and take 15 minutes. It shows how things work on the backend and how it will save you time so you can have more time in your business.

Wondering if home automation works specifically for a multifamily residence or a single-family property? Sean touches on it all in this episode and even explores options for how it could benefit occupied and vacant properties. The other question everybody wants to know — how much does it all cost? Tune in now to get all of your questions answered!

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