Probate Leads, with Kristine Gentry

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Podcast

Kristine Gentry, with US Probate Leads, is on the show with Abhi and they are talking about probate leads. Her company has simplified the process of obtaining probate leads and she tells us how she got started and gives us a refresher for what probate leads are and why they are a good option for leads.

Probate leads can be a sensitive topic and there is definitely a way to go about acquiring them. Since the people selling are normally the heirs of a property of someone who has passed on, you have to be mindful it might not be an easy time for those involved. Kristine said getting those leads can go one of two ways, either everyone is on the same page, or there has to be a lot of negotiations.

There are plenty of different options to obtain probate leads through US Probate Leads and Kristine recommends that you purchase leads on a monthly basis so you are constantly reaching out to people. More and more properties are going into probate so now is the time to start looking into it!

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