Owning Real Estate, with Kevin Ortner

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Podcast

Kevin Ortner, CEO of Renters Warehouse, is back for another show with Abhi. They start the show discussing various educational resources Renters Warehouse provides for investors who are looking to get started. They offer these free resources because they know how important it is to just get out there and understand how you can find the right deals.

They get into listener questions so they can get Kevin’s insight. Micaela from Austin purchased her first rental property last year and wants to know how she can go about increasing the rent for lease renewals. Kevin has a few pieces of advice for her and he gives her some tips on what she should consider when it comes to increasing the rent. The first thing he says is that she can use the rent increase index for her market.

Brock is closing on his first rental property next month in Atlanta. He wants to know what he should start doing now to set himself up for success. Kevin gives his opinion and says the first step he can take is to look for partners to help you and to start looking for tenants. You can’t start leasing the property until you have officially closed, but you can start looking and put out some “teasers” to let people know it’s coming soon! There are plenty more listener questions and advice from Abhi and Kevin so tune in now to find out all this and more on Think Realty Radio.

Be sure to check out all the services Renters Warehouse offers at RentersWarehouse.com

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