Non-Conventional Lending with Jan Brzeski

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Podcast

Jan Brzeski, Founder and CIO of Arixa Capital, discusses the convenience and ease of receiving a non-conventional loan. Gone are the days of taking two to three months to receive a loan from a bank. With non-conventional lending, you can get your loan in two to three weeks and you only need to provide relevant information. They touch on topics such as opportunity zones and hard-money-lending vs. non-bank-lending.

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Power Play: Greg and Abhi are back to talk about treating your real estate like any other business— especially when it comes to maintenance. Know yourself and whether you are capable of handling the maintenance work yourself, and if you aren’t, you will need a general contractor. Lineup your people (plumber, handyman etc.) in advance so that if something goes wrong, you know who to call.


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