Millennial Home-Buying, with Stephanie Singer

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Podcast

Stephanie Singer, CEO of This Land, is on air with Abhi to discuss plenty of relatable topics to 2019. They are seeing that Millennials are living more minimalist lifestyles and they aren’t purchasing homes. What does this actually mean and how can people start investing in real estate?

Stephanie discusses her business, This Land, and how it allows people to get into real estate quickly. She gives great tips for how to go about this and the strategies she recommends for first-time investors. It is all about being creative and using your money wisely. Don’t be intimidated, learn how to execute and manage the property before you buy.

Find out the factors Stephanie takes into consideration before she buys a property. She has a few steps she follows and she wants to share them with listeners! A lot of people want to know about investing out of market, and Stephanie has some words of wisdom.

To learn more about Stephanie and This Land, you can get ahold of her at    

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