Market Analysis and Market Cycles, with Jared Garfield

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Podcast

Jared Garfield, CEO of the Wealth Watch Team, is on air with Abhi to talk about his background, his business and how he can help people with their real estate investment journey. With many experts saying we are entering a real estate bubble, Abhi wants to know how Jared advises his clients during times like these.

He gives his insight for how he determines which markets will have high ROI’s. He explains what a market cycle is and the four cycles they see in real estate. There is certain criteria he uses to determine what stage the market is in during the cycle so be sure you stick around to find out all about the cycles!

Especially when investing out-of-state, Jared stresses the importance of having the right team of people to help you. He goes over a few markets and tells listeners how they can determine the right market to invest in and how to make the best ROI possible!

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