Lending and Borrowing in Real Estate, with Robert Mulcahy

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Podcast

Robert Mulcahy, with Angel Oak Prime Bridge, is back on the show to discuss borrowing money. Abhi wants to know how much of your personal finances you should put toward your investment and Robert has the answer for listeners, including what lenders are looking for in a borrower.

Robert gets into the highest and best use of a property. Understanding the needs of the community and what is going to get the best use is a part of the process when lenders are looking for borrowers. Analyzing your return on investment is critical to your success.

Lenders stick to the facts and like borrowers who are motivated, organized and disciplined. He runs through a checklist of what individuals need prior to borrowing a loan.

For more information on Angel Oak Prime Bridge and getting started with them today, visit AOPBConnect.com.

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