Investing Out of State, with Marco Santarelli

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Podcast

Marco Santarelli, Norada Real Estate, is on air with Abhi and they are talking about long-distance real estate investing. Marco understands investors who are looking to invest out of market and he gives insight for those who are thinking about investing long-distance. He shares his expertise on the risk of looking at the “national real estate market” as a whole and how you can look past the long lists of markets that are “hot,” and get down to the nitty-gritty.

Marco talks about the key ingredients of what makes a stable market. They might seem like obvious answers, but are you performing the due diligence necessary when you are looking into a property? He gets into job growth and population increase and he explains why trends are so important when looking into a property out of market.

Abhi says that you need to be 110% convinced that your market makes the most sense for you. When looking at all of the factors that go into what makes a market a “good market,” Abhi questions whether or not this creates a paralysis of analysis. Marco looks at four things from a macroeconomic level that he considers when looking into a market. Tune in now to find out all about these four of these when you tune in to Think Realty Radio!

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