HVAC Services, with Russ Williams

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Podcast

Russ Williams, with Motili, is on air to talk about HVAC systems and his business and also give insight and advice on how you can save money as a property owner. What makes Motili and their model different from others? Russ fills us in on all of this and so much more!

Motili started off as a technology company, and they have spent a lot of time developing an app so that they can have quick turnaround times for their clients. Besides the pricing, they are all about providing consistency for their large client base. He gets into the trends in the HVAC business for single-family rentals and where he sees the market going.

Russ and Abhi get into asset-tagging and what that means. It can be used in a few different ways, but it is really a way of tracking different appliances throughout the property and creating a portfolio for them so owners can track all the repairs and replacements. Why is this important? It all goes back to tracking expenses and understanding when they need to be replaced.

Find out the different ways you can save and utilize your time best with Motili. Tune in now to Think Realty Radio!

To learn more about Russ and Motili and to get started today, email Russ.Williams@Motili.com ?

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