Home Automation in Rental Properties, with Sean Miller

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Podcast

Sean Miller, President of PointCentral, joins the show to discuss home automation and why it is so relevant and necessary to ramp-up your real estate investment business. Sean breaks down the technology terms for listeners and differentiates between hardware and software so you can better understand and familiarize yourself home automation.

Want to know the difference between home automation in single family rentals and multifamily rentals? It can be so beneficial for multifamily properties and save on operations for both occupied and vacant properties. Teaching tenants how to properly use the automation is important so they know they are in control and secure.

So how much should you expect to spend on the hardware, installation and recurring services? Sean explains the “hot ticket” items he is seeing in homes and how they really benefit your investment. Tune in and find out mistakes other investors are making with hardware and software and spare yourself those same mistakes.

Visit PointCentral.com today to learn more about home automation.

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