Foreclosure Sales, with Mike Jansta

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Podcast

Mike Jansta, with, is on the show to discuss foreclosure sales with Abhi. His company focuses on two types of defaulted mortgage sales targeting real estate investors: bank-owned and foreclosures. Want to find out the difference between these two? Abhi and Mike and are shedding light on both deals.

What do you think of when you hear the words “Super Tuesday?” Elections, right? In the real estate world, these are monthly massive real estate auctions on the first Tuesday of each month. Mike focuses on Texas and all the counties that join at the footsteps of the courthouse to bid on these foreclosures. Find out how they prepare for the sales and where they find the properties.

Find out all about the technology that goes into foreclosure sales and how things are constantly improving. Florida and Ohio are leading the way so be sure to tune in and find out just what they are doing differently that other states aren’t!

As a first time investor, thinking about bidding at an auction might seem scary and overwhelming, but when you spend so much time researching and never being proactive, you aren’t investing! Mike urges first-time investors to go out and make a deal. He has plenty of pearls of wisdom he wants to share with you.

Visit today and start making deals!

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