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by | Dec 26, 2018 | Podcast

Doug Duncan is the Senior Vice President and Chief Economist at Fannie Mae and has access to millions and millions of market data points. This allows him to know exactly where we’re heading in the market today.

About Doug

Doug grew up on a dairy farm, which he feels gave him a particularly helpful point of view when applied to real estate investing. He uses that mindframe within the topics covered on today’s episode of Think Realty Radio, which include millennials and the trends associated with their chosen ways of life.  

Doug’s Data Points

63-65 percent of Americans are and will become homeowners. This means 35-37 percent are and will stay renters. There are millions of single-family rentals, and that’s a number investors who are naturally geared toward single- or multi-family rental properties shouldn’t fear will ever leave.

According to Doug, there are three kinds of renters:

Those who simply don’t want to own.

Renters constrained by income.

People who are forced to rent due to a life-changing event.

All this information and more are included in this information-packed episode of Think Realty Radio.

Read more about Doug Duncan in this Think Realty article about him and his philosophies: Powerful Data Produces Good Business.

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