Creative Financing, with Eddie Speed

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Podcast

Eddie Speed, Founder of NoteSchool, is on air with Abhi to lend his expert advice and insight on creative financing. He has been doing owner financing since 1980. Learn what owner financing is and find out if this is an option for you! Get the edge you need so you can do more deals and have one foot up in the game.

Anyone can run numbers on a calculator, what Eddie and his team teach at NoteSchool is how to negotiate and close the deal. He breaks down the strategies and tactics that he uses and wants to help others who are interested! Learn about the mistakes and challenges he has seen his students face so you don’t make those same mistakes.

Eddie gives a great example and he and Abhi do a little real estate role play on air so you can understand just how easy owner financing can be. It’s all about being patient and negotiating and this is something a traditional lender would never touch.

Learn more about Eddie Speed and NoteSchool by visiting or email today!

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