Commercial Real Estate, with Pam Goodwin

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Podcast

Pam Goodwin, Owner and Founder of Goodwin Commercial, is on air with Abhi to discuss commercial real estate and how people can make the switch from residential to commercial real estate. They touch on a few options for landlords, including med spas for doctors.

So how do you discover what your passion is in real estate? She gives an example of a client who is building assisted living homes for seniors. They get into the importance of video marketing and how it can be a little scary at first, but it is so important and necessary. It builds trust and authenticity between the landlord and potential client. Learn about the 2019 commercial real estate trends that Pam is seeing and stick around to hear about entertainment trends, like axe throwing.

In our final segment find out how to hire a broker, build the best team and get creative with financing along the way. Pam says she always says it’s easier to find the money than to find the deals, so get out there and get started!

To get in touch with Pam and learn more about commercial real estate investing, email her at

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