Asset Protection, with Clint Coons

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Podcast

Clint Coons, Attorney at Anderson Advisors, is on the show with Abhi to discuss keeping your business protected. He kicks off the show with asset protection and putting barriers up to ensure if you are slapped with a lawsuit, you have taken the right procedures to make sure you and your real estate investments are protected. If you are a first-time investor, be sure you have worked out all the kinks in your business so that you are fully protected.

In order to obtain asset protection, you have to make sure you have this put in place before you are sued, otherwise it can be considered fraudulent conveyance. Clint discusses LLCs and other entities he thinks you should set up with each of your properties. How many LLCs or corporations do you think Clint recommends having?

Not only is it good to have asset protection and some sort of LLC or corporation set up for your business, but investors should also have a tax planning strategy. Learn how to optimize your tax returns and learn about the tax benefits real estate investors should be taking advantage of. Tune in now to hear from Clint!

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