Think Realty Magazine Year End 2017

December 2017 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
Think Realty Event Coverage

Coaches Corner | 
Panel in Print • Making the Most of the Strength in a Room • A Strong Foundation for a Profitable Rental Portfolio

Marketing | 
Never Advertise Again

Cover Feature | 
Staying True to the Mission

The Big Picture | 
Investing in Giving Back •Where has the Residential Real Estate Inventory Gone? •Solving a Nightmare Scenario for IRA-Based Real Estate Investing •3 Best Practices to Maximize Your Team’s Productivity

Market Breakdown | 
A Brief Overview of Buy-and-Hold Investing • Commuter Suburbs: The New American Dream • Elevating Real Estate Data to the Cloud

Industry Voices | 
The Truth About Real Estate’s Technology Wars • The True Story About Investing with Other People’s Money

Nuts & Bolts | 
Does Your Deal Need A Partner? • 4 Ways to Invest in Real Estate Using a Self-Directed IRA • Ready for the Holidays? • Lessons Learned from Hurricane Irama

Design Point | 
Renovation Rockstars: Winning Kitchen Transformations

By The Numbers | 
Behind the Scenes with the Local Market Monitor • 3 Variables that Will Make or Break Your Deals

Information Management Network Supplement | 

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