Think Realty Magazine September/October 2023

September 2023 | Funding, Investment Strategy, Legislation, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Investment Strategy | 
Understanding Shared-Appreciation Mortgages •12 Ways to Adapt Your Rental Property During a Recession •Rethinking Your Cannabis Real Estate Strategies • Toilet Paper and Real Property • Navigating Rigid Borrowing Conditions and Rising Construction Costs

Cover Story | 
Titan of Multifamily: Madina Shaik, CEO of Makaan Investment Group • Local Real Estate Investors Move From Caution to Confidence

Case Study | 
Proper Planning Makes the Difference in Fix-to-Flip Loan Success

Design | 
Creating the “Wow” Factor with Your Home Renovations

Funding | 
Understanding Equity Sharing • Re-Righting—Not Rewriting—the History of African American Real Estate Investors •Green Rush Risk Management •10 Tips for Successfully Managing Your First Rental Property Investment

Funding | 
5 Common Ways to Finance Real Estate Investments • Financial Wellness Is the Next Big Trend

Legislation | 
What’s Really in the Stop Predatory Investment Bill?

Market & Trends | 
4 Industry Trends You Cannot Afford to Ignore • A Look Back at 2023—and a Peak at 2024 • Midwest Multifamily Market Trends • Where Is Private Lending Headed? • Twin Peaks

Operations | 
Unveiling the Marketing Blind Spot • How to Build Your Brand in a Competitive Market • Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas  • Playing Business Versus Doing Business • Defying Trends with Your Multifamily Property Website • Building Rapport and Momentum with Effective Marketing • Why Real Estate Investors Must Change Their Mindset About Tenant Turnover • Decision-Making in a Volatile Environment

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