Think Realty Magazine September/October 2022

September 2022 | Investment Strategy, Legislation, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Investment Strategy | 
Change Brings Opportunity • 4 Ways to Protect Your Investment in Recessionary Times • Become a Strategy Savvy Investor • Fix and Flip: A Practical Guide for
Investors in 2022 • Are Series LLCs a Good Choice? • What is Legacy Investing? • Should Investors Be Alarmed About Recent Market News? • What You Need to Know About the “Value-Add” Buzz • The Evolution of the American Dream: From Buying to Renting • Real Estate Investing Versus 401(k) • Is It Time to Switch from Home Investing to Commercial? • 3 Things to Remember in a Volatile Market • Home Ownership: An American Pipe Dream?

Legislation | 
September Update from Government Relations Committee

Design | 
13 Best ROI Updates for Flippers • Get Decked Out!

Market & Trends | 
5 Expected 2023 Rental Property Investing Trends • There’s No “Magic Hour • 5 Trends Shaping Multifamily Investing Today • Will 3 Current Real Estate Investing Trends Hold for the Future? • 6 Reasons to Consider Michigan for Your Next Investment • Heating and Cooling Trends Across the Country • Inflection Point: What Sudden Housing Market Changes Mean for Investors • 3 Investment Trends for the Second Half of 2022

Operations | 
Paid Search: Your Bidding Strategy to Lease Up in Q4

Special Tribute | 
Remembering Aaron Norris

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